• Info:Killer whales are actually not whales at all but are instead the largest species of dolphin! Killer whales are very social and very smart. Killer whales can be spotted quite easily as they have a black back and a white patch slightly above and behind their eyes. Killer whales, in part, developed their names because they have been known to hunt whales for their food. From a physical perspective, a killer whale has a rather heavy and stocky body and a very large dorsal fin. Female killer whales are generally smaller than male killer whales. Females can reach about 16 to 23 feet and about 2-4 tons and males can reach about 19 to 26 feet and about 6 tons. Killer whales are also very fast, mainly because of the killer whales size and its strength. They can reach speeds of about 40 miles per hour. The killer whale is very skilled predator. They are sometimes compared to wolves, because they hunt in pods like packs of wolves. And, they have quite an appetite as they can eat close to 500 lbs of food per day. Killer whales can live an average of about 35 to 40 years; females tend to survive longer than males. Killer whales have been known to survive for about 70 years. In captivity, a killer whale can only be expected to live less than 25 years. 



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