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Wildlife Sightings

Cruises for wildlife sightings in Los Angeles have been popular over the decades. However, if you are bracing up for something exceptional, make sure to book your trip with Harbour Breeze Cruises. We promise an exceptional experience to our visitors on our cruise boats, as they get a closer look at the local wildlife. The Pacific coastline is vast, which makes it the right destination for wildlife sightings. Different marine creatures like dolphins and whales, along with some of the endangered creatures thrive in these waters. With one of the exquisite trips, you will be treated, as you get to witness the sea creatures.

Our Cruises for Wildlife Sightings

We ensure value to our clients, with a limited number of visitors in each of these trips for wildlife sightings. Some of the whale species that you might come across include:
• Gray whales
• Fin Whales
• Blue Whales
• Humpback whales
• Killer whales

Other Species of Wildlife That You Might Come Across

• Bottlenose Dolphins
• Pacific White-Sided Dolphins
• Common Dolphins
• Stingrays
• Pinnipeds

All our cruises have certified marine experts to guide and protect visitors. To book a slot for wildlife sighting, contact us at 310-547-9916. Alternatively, you may also reach out to us by filling out this contact form.
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